Our Culture

Trust, respect, and integrity are the foundation of the high-performance work environment found at Drescher & Malecki LLP (D&M). We believe that every interaction is an opportunity to facilitate trust, respect, and integrity. At D&M we feel that it is imperative that every staff member hold themselves accountable for their actions. In today’s challenging and competitive work environment, accountability has acquired a new sense of urgency. By taking extra steps, rising above circumstances, owning issues, taking action, and being proactive, D&M is able to differentiate itself from other firms in the industry.

Our team is professional and committed to our client’s success, and as such hold a sense of pride and passion with regards to our work and ethical behavior. D&M believes that feeling valued and heard in the workplace is a strong contributor to enhanced performance.  For this reason, we recognize our employees for a job well done, which helps to build morale and create greater job satisfaction.

Drescher & Malecki LLP encourages all staff members to contribute to daily operations, which in turn provides for firm success. Firm performance is bolstered when the unique and differing skills, judgments and experiences of all staff members are utilized. We believe that a team outcome provides more value and success when compared with the results of an individual’s performance. We not only value teamwork at work, but we also stretch this attitude outside of the workplace, which is represented by our participation in several recreational leagues and charity events.

The motto here at D&M is Enjoy Life! We are aware of the difficulty of the modern day professional to balance their work and personal needs. Our Partners appreciate, and are sensitive to, the interrelationship between the demands of the job and the demands of employees’ personal lives. Firm policies are aimed at both achieving workplace and personal life satisfaction.

All of our professionals share D&M's dedication and mission to government. D&M's environment is evidenced by the recognition of D&M in Buffalo's Business First 2015, 2016 and 2017 "Best Places to Work". D&M is the only accounting firm in the region to be named all three years. To qualify for this distinction, employees are requested to complete a series of confidential surveys describing the firm, culture, and their overall happiness in their roles.

This distinction enables D&M to attract and retain the best and brightest, translating to outstanding service to our clients.